Compact tractors

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Compact tractor

Knegt's compact tractors are the ideal solution for all jobs that are too big or too heavy for the mini tractors, but with the same ease of use and manoeuvrability.


In terms of size, these Knegt tractors sit exactly between mini tractors and large agricultural tractors. This means that the Knegt tractors are lower, shorter and narrower than agricultural tractors but can lift more and are more powerful than mini tractors. At Knegt, you can choose between 3 engine variants. 30 HP in the most compact model, 40 HP in the middle model and 50 HP in the largest model.

Standard options.

What also makes this series of tractors very attractive is the standard equipment. These include power steering, double clutch, working lights, four-wheel drive, working hydraulics, suspension seat, height-adjustable steering wheel and road approval certification.

Extra options

Should you require a luxury cabin with heating and a radio, a semi-cab for rain protection and/or a front loader. Then these are also among the possible options. Furthermore, the tractors are supplied as standard with tractor profile tyres, but can also be supplied with lawn tyres or combination tyres if required.

Choose from the three different 

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