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Knegt Quality Tractors arose from the high demand and the limited supply of strong, versatile compact tractors at an affordable price. The logical answer to that question is a series of rugged Compact tractors that has no equal.

With over 20 years of experience in the agricultural and Equestrian sector we started with the development and manufacturing of the ideal compact tractor. Together with one of the largest tractor manufacturers from Asia as a supplier, and the right people with a passion for technology, we started in 2006 the Knegt Quality Tractors Europe Company.

Every Knegt compact tractor is standard equipped with: 4 wheel drive, low/high gearing, hydraulic power steering, PTO, multiple hydraulic valves, differential lock and European Street admission. The Knegt compact tractor is not only strong and versatile but can also be used anywhere because of its compactness.

Initially Knegt Tractor was developed for the equestrian sector but soon there came also question from the other markets such as horticulture and forestry, gardeners, leisure and sports facilities. Thanks to the current options and a range of Implements that Knegt Quality Tractors can offer, there is a right compact tractor for each market.

We would like to invite you for a visit in our showroom.

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